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  1. 2009.04.30 [Blend] Microsoft Expression Blend 2 Free Trial
Blend 2 trial September Preview version 이 Release 됐습니다.

점점더 막강해지는 기능으로 Flash 를 압박해 가는 군요.

Flash 1.0 을 사용하던 때가 생각나네요.

그때부터 잘 했으면 엄청난 고수가 되어있었을 텐데 말이죠..

전에도 이런 생각을 하며 씁쓸해 했었는데...

Blend 를 보고 있자니 예전의 그때가...

뭐든 열심히 해야할텐데 말이죠...

아래 링크를 따라가시면 블랜드 따운 받으실수 있습니다. ^^

Microsoft Expression Blend 2 Free Trial

September Preview

We are pleased to present our next preview of Microsoft® Expression Blend 2. The Expression Blend 2 September Preview lets you create Microsoft® Silverlight-based applications. Additionally, you can export content from Microsoft® Expression® Design in a format that you can use in Silverlight-based applications created in the Expression Blend 2 September Preview.

You may also find Microsoft® Expression® Encoder to be helpful when you are working with video, Silverlight, and the Expression Blend 2 September Preview. Learn more about Silverlight and its community today.

What’s new in this preview?

Visual Studio 2008 support 

Making Controls from Existing Objects

Split View and XAML Editor Improvements

Storyboard Picker

Storyboard and Keyframe Properties

Vertex Animation

Breadcrumb Bar

Font Embedding

Build Options 

Object Manipulation

부디 행복한 고수되십시요...

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