npm i express mongoose body-parser cookie-parser morgan nodemon dotenv cors

Installing MongoDB on MAC

Installing MongoDB on Windows

Installing Robo3T

MongDB Restart
sudo brew services restart mongodb-community

npm i express-validator jsonwebtoken express-jwt formidable lodash slugify string-strip-html



killall node

kill node -p 8000

pkill -8000 node

npm start




import Link from 'next/link';



<a href='/Signin'>Sign In</a>




<Link href='/Signin'>

    <a>Sign In</a>




npm install --save isomorphic-fetch es6-promise


npm install js-cookie


npm install nprogress

Importing CSS / Sass / Less / Stylus files


npm install @zeit/next-css



blog back end


1. blog model/blog scheme

2. blog route

3. add blog route to server.js

4. blog controller

5. postman test



Text Editor

npm install react-quill 


npm i moment react-render-html


DISQUS commenting System


npm i prop-types


Email system


in backend

npm i @sendgrid/mail


decode token

in frontend :

npm i jsonwebtoken // to decode token.





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